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The Cheetah Messaging Online Help provides a detailed guide and step-by-step instructions for how to use all features in the platform. The Help system includes a built-in table of contents and a search tool to assist with navigation.

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API Technical Documentation

Cheetah Messaging supports a wide range of API endpoints that can be used to create and manage assets, or to automate functions, such as triggering the deployment of a Campaign. For details about our Messaging API endpoints, please see the following.

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Distributed Marketing

Distributed Marketing is an email content management tool specifically intended for use by corporations that have franchises, or store locations, that need to conduct their own individual email marketing efforts. Distributed Marketing gives the parent corporation the required oversight regarding the content, appearance, and branding of these messages, while still allowing the individual franchises some degree of customization. Distributed Marketing allows marketers at the franchise locations to create sophisticated email content without knowing anything about HTML coding or Cascading Style Sheets.

Distributed Marketing Online Help